Adult Class Fees


In Order To Test, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. You have been pre-tested by a Black Belt.
  2. You know if you need to take a written test (ask Shihan LaMonica).
  3. All dues are current (paid off).
  4. You have taken the Basic Shiatsu course (For Black Belt Tests Only!).

Note: All students start off as a White Belt, regardless if they are an Adult or a Youth.

 Belts Colors Fees
Shichi-Kyu Yellow $50
Rok-Kyu  Orange $50
Go-Kyu  2nd Green $75
Yon-Kyu  1st Green $75
 San-Kyu  3rd Brown $75
 Ni-Kyu 2nd Brown
 Ik-Kyu  1st Brown $75
 Shodan Black Belt (includes Hakama)  1st Degree $250
 Nidan Black Belt  2nd Degree $200
 Sandan Black Belt  3rd Degree $200
Yondan Black Belt 4th Degree $200

Please make all checks payable to: HDJF